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Choose Your Game: This tongue-in-cheek adventure game is part webtoy and part delicious parody. As you play, the game routinely quizzes you on the sort of things you do or don't like in your games, and then builds a short experience around it. It's actually fairly cut-and-paste, but definitely cute and amusing. Try telling 

Nyeste av 3417 spill. Velkommen til nye 123spill! Klikk her for å lese om alt som er nytt · Den store spillquizen! hjernetrim. 6. Logo Quiz · hjernetrim. 49. Missile Game · action. 11. Smarty Bubbles · lekogmoro. 37. Toastache · arkade. 22. War Thunder · action. 0. World of Tanks · action. 118. Hva gjør du nå? eventyr. 87